Here is the final tracklist of Bootsy's latest CD:

Play With Bootsy:
1) Inner-Planetary-Funkmanship
2) Play With Bootsy (feat. Kelli Ali)
3) Love Gangsta (feat. Snoop Dogg, Daz & Colin Rich)
4) Soul Sista (feat. Fat Joe, Cherine Anderson & Will Guice)
5) Don't Let 'Em (feat. Rosie Gaines, Snoop Dogg & Till Bonner)
6) A Life For Da Sweet Ting (feat. Eased from Seeed)
7) Groove Eternal (feat. One and Bobby Womack)
8) Dance To The Music (feat. One)
9) Funky and You Know It (feat. Shakedown)
10) I'm Tired of Good, I'm Trying Bad (feat. Lady Miss Kier)
11) All Star Funk (feat. Lady Miss Kier & Can 7)
12) The Bomb (feat. Fat Boy Slim)
13) Funkship (Nike Ads)
14) Play With Bootsy (Video)

Photo 1 From the CD Listening Party
Photo 2 From the CD Listening Party

The video for Play with Bootsy is now available by clicking here.